Saturday, March 19, 2011

Advantages Of The New Functions Of Facebook Fan / Business Page And iFrame - Social Media

Change is constant; and in the case of Facebook, change, definitely is consistent.
By now you will have noticed that all Pages on Facebook will have been upgraded to the new format. This goes for even those Pages that may have not opted into the new look some time back.

The new Pages have a lot of advantages with them, especially for the Page Administrator / Community Managers. These functions definitely are useful for brands and business in touching base with their Community Members.

  • For instance the capacity to post on other Pages as the business / brand Page and not necessarily as Profile Page gives a huge benefit. The fact that you post as a brand / business makes people directly click onto your Page and arrive at your end. Besides, you are creating a great association and personality via your behavior for your brand.
  • The other much welcomed feature is notifications. Previously, you may recollect, that you had to physically scroll on your Page [the Page of which you are the Administrator] and check if there are any comments / posts which you need to address. Ofcourse there are third party applications that facilitate the notifications to come right into your inbox. However Facebook did not have one of its own. With this notification you can immediately know from your email inbox itself what is the content of the comment / post, put up by your Community Members and who has said it. This enables you to respond in almost real time and saves you the tedious task to scrolling on your Page all the time.
  • The third good part is that you can give a face to your Page. In the sense you can now let your Community People know who is manning the Page. This works at two levels, one is that people relate to persons more than just some static Page / brand / business talking and secondly you get your publicity as well. Ofcourse if you do not manage well then you can be the target of some hideous stressing discussions as well. No doubt there is an option to be unseen as well.
  • Another good part is showing other Pages associations. As shared above you can now post and comment on other Pages as your brand / business Page. Which means that you will have 'liked' them as your brand / business Page, only then you can post and comment. When you do this the Pages that you have 'liked' show up on your Page. In this way association starts to form in the Community Mindset and this could be a little step towards credibility formation for your Page.
  • There are other significant feature lead upgrades like: the masthead that can be used creatively so that you can extend your brand / business personality / features etc in a visual way. This is similar to one you have on your Profile Page.
  • The edit feature is available easily - this is on your right hand side. The good part about this is now you can change your category of the Page incase you are stuck with something not so correct.
  • You will have noticed by now that there are no more tabs on your Page top side, these are now moved to your left hand side. The good part is you can have them a little longer and have descriptive text.
  • And finally the FBML feature is totally deactivated. This does not mean that your existing FBML matter is deactivated / deleted. These will remain and not be deleted. However if you do want to make new tabs you will now need to upgrade and learn the iFrame technology. With these you can start to have more tab type features on your left hand side.
Below, I will touch a little deeper on what is iFrame and how can you best possibly use it:

If you are personally or have a connection with tech person then iFrame is what you will relish more than FBML. Unlike FBML, iFrame allows you to have an eternal web page embedded onto your Facebook tab. Which means that your external Web Page can have the technology intricacies of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript like any other Web Page does. What basically you need in this case is a small patch / script / programme that connects your Facebook Page with your external Web Page. Yes, this is what iFrame enables and lends itself to.

Which means that you need:
  • scripting / programing knowledge,
  • a server space where you can upload your files if you want to fetch data, just the way you would build a Web Page,
  • the patch which is Facebook Developer application:
  • and creative, content management, planning etc.
Below are steps that you can take to create your iFrame starting from Page.

You will require like all other applications with Facebook 'allow' the
request for permission dialog. This is similar when you apply any new first time application / game connection with your Facebook Pages. Click on the allow button. So if this is your first time then you will require the one time 'allow' permission given for the request.

Having done this, on top, on your right hand side you will see 'Set Up New App' button - click this.  Once you do this you will be taken to a dialogues box asking you to give a name to your application - you can name it best keeping your focus on SEO and Page requirement. Give the application a name, click the agree button. Once this takes place the click the 'create app button'. You will be taken to the usual security question of answering if you are a human. Indulge in this and move on.

Now you will see that you have landed onto an 'About' registration form. Go on Fill it up!.

Under 'About' you will see 'Website' fill this form as well.

Next is the 'Facebook Integration' fill this as well. 

Click 'Save'. Most crucial function.

Once you do this you will be taken to the summary Page.

Now what is left? Well you need to install your own application onto your Brand / Business Page on Facebook.

On the summary Page itself you will see the link icon namely 'Application Profile Page link' on your right hand side. Hope you have landed by now onto a huge Page that looks similar to the regular Facebook Profile Pages. Well on this Page look to your left hand side. Once you do this a pop up dialogue box will appear asking your to select the Page you want this new application of yours to be installed upon. So, go on select your page. The Pages get get seen will be the Pages that you are an Administrator of. Click 'Add to Page'.

Now go to the Pages that you have selected and check if your application is there. Your new iFrame app should now appear on your selected Fan Page / Pages.  In-case you don't see it there immediately first refresh this Page. If there is still a problem then do a little tweeting with your setting. From your Fan Page, click on the 'Edit Page link'. Then click on Apps and find the application that you just added. Click on the Edit Settings link next to the app and Add link.

So? how does your new tab look? Share your experience.

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